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SeaStar Sailing Athens

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[111] created:02.03.2018 13:01, last updated: 02.03.2018 13:10 by Alnair
Address:Neas Elvetias Str. Vyronas, 16233 Athens, Greece
GPS:37°57′22.33"N , 23°45′32.36"E


Monoholl sail


Since 1982, we have been traveling in the Greek seas, either participating in sailing races or just cruising for leisure, but always eager to enjoy this never ending learning experience. Learning the ropes, learning the boats, learning the winds and the currents, learning the coves and the harbors and especially learning about ourselves ! Having accumulated knowledge, memories and insights of some of the most beautiful seas in the world, we founded KYMATA SA in 1990 and started sharing this knowledge of the local waters with a small number of people who have eventually become friends and fellow sailing enthusiasts. In 2017, we decided to expand the circle ! We invested in a fleet of brand new Sun Odyssey 449 sailing boats and we are actively aiming to contribute towards creating a happy holiday experience, which we have named “SeaStar Sailing”, for more families and sailing enthusiasts. Let us be your hosts and enjoy a wonderful holiday !
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