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Dream Yacht Charter Thailand

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[116] created:02.03.2018 15:30, last updated: 14.03.2018 18:10 by Alnair
Phone:+ 66 (0) 76397916
GPS:8°10′12.54"N , 98°20′18.33"E


Monoholl sail
Catamaran sail
Damage Waiver


Joel Llas

Mail : thailand@dreamyachtcharter.com

Phone : + 66 (0) 76397916

Fax : + 66 (0) 76397917

Mobile : + 66 (0) 929425284

Getting There

International flights from main cities in Europe are available daily with a stopover Between the airport and the base it is a 20 minutes ride by taxi. Dream Yacht can organize transfer, feel free to contact us for more details and price.


Our office is located in the condominium part overhanging marina and access channel. You will be at immediate proximity with the swimming pool, fitness center and toilet facility (WC and showers), Free of charge in our office or in the marina WIFI service. Several Thai restaurant located near the office or the marina will pleased food amateurs as also the pub/restaurant of the marina.


If you want, Dream Yacht can managed the provisioning for you: at your arrival all the provisioning will be waiting on board your yacht. You just have to fill and return the provisioning order list (for the food, beverages and alcohol) available on the website. A small grocery shop is located near the base (only basic product and no alcohol), the main supermarket are locate 30km from the base.


Visa and Mastercard can be used in most places (don’t forget to inform your bank of your travel to have your card unlock if necessary). You should take some cash with you as the cash point are not easily available during your cruise, you will find a DAB just near our office. The local currency is the Baht, the US dollar and Euro is also accepted and easy to change.


Roaming is available in Thailand, just check before your departure with your local mobile phone provider the activation of the international option and the price of the communication. You can also buy a local SIM card at our office.

Other Information

Space is quite limited on board, so plan to use soft luggage. By respect please never touch a Thai’s head, never point at a Thai with your foot when seated.
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