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Dream Yacht Charter Stockholm

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[117] created:02.03.2018 15:35, last updated: 02.03.2018 15:36 by Alnair
Address:Gåshaga Marina Gåshaga trail 12 181 03 Lidingö
GPS:59°21′20.64"N , 18°14′0.45"E


Catamaran sail


Gåshaga Marina

Gåshaga trail 12

181 03 Lidingö

Base Manager:

Anders Almén

Mobile: +46-707-577787

Mail: basesweden@dreamyachtcharter.com

Customer service:

Mobile: +46-707-577787

Mail: basesweden@dreamyachtcharter.com

Technical Manager:

Mobile: +46-707-577787

Mail: basesweden@dreamyachtcharter.com

Getting There: Gåshaga Marina is only about a 28 minute drive away from Bromma Stockholm Airport. Taxis are available right outside the terminals. Only taxis that have an agreement with Bromma Stockholm Airport are at the taxi stand. Taxi stand officers are available, and you can contact them if you would like a particular taxi company or if you have a question.

Currency: The currency of Stockholm Sweden is the krona(SEK) or crown.


Restaurants: There is a restaurant located near the marina called Restaurang Bryggan or “Restaurant Bridge”. The restaurant features outdoor seating and live music. Learn more about Restaurang Bryggan at http://restaurangbryggan.se/.

Pier 16 is another restaurant located near the marina. Pier 16s menu features many pasta and seafood dishes inspired by Italian cuisine. Learn more about Pier 16 at http://www.pier16.se/.

Commercial Centers: The ICA Supermarket Käppala is the closest grocery facility in the area of Gåshaga Marina. It is only a two minute drive or a fifteen minute walk from the marina and has everything you need to satisfy your hunger. For more information on ICA Supermarket Käppala visit https://www.ica.se.
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