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Alfa Sail, Punta Ala

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[293] created:04.04.2018 16:05, last updated: 04.04.2018 16:14 by Site-Admin
Address:58043 Punta Ala, Province of Grosseto, Italy
GPS:42°48′15.16"N , 10°44′23.38"E
Full name:Alfa Sail s.r.l.
Post:P.zza Gen. Sacconi 14, Italy



The charter company is registered here: P.zza Gen. Sacconi 14 Bibbiena in Italy. They work in Italy. Alfa Sail s.r.l. is their legal name. Their sailboats can be found in following ports : Yacht charter Scarlino - Puntone, Scarlino Yacht charter Punta Ala Province of Grosseto, Punta Ala. Strong side of Alfa Sail is, that they offer nonrefundable deposit for their charterers. On saturdays clients can start to check-in from 17:00 PM. Check-out in Alfa Sail is until 8:00 AM. It's advised to be back in the home port on Friday till 16:00. Advanced payment is 50% of charter price, second money order is to be paid 30 days before check-in. Charter a boat before 31.01 and you will get First Minute discounts in this charter company. In this charter operator both cash and credit cards are accepted for the optional equipment. Deposit is paid with credit card only. Firm Alfa Sail has a very good opinions among their customers.

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