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Albatros Yachting, Marina Zadar

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[283] created:04.04.2018 16:05, last updated: 04.04.2018 16:14 by Site-Admin
Address:Put marine, 23234, Vir, Croatia
GPS:44°18′29.79"N , 15°5′1.65"E
Full name:Albatros Yachting d.o.o.
Post:Ivana Mestrovica 2, Croatia



Its headquaters is in Ivana Mestrovica 2 Zadar in Croatia. They are registered under the name: Albatros Yachting. They offer sailboat charters in Croatia : Yacht charter Croatia. Zadar, Marina Zadar are the ports where you can hire their sailing yachts. We advise you to come back to the home port on Friday afternoon till 16:00 in order to make a disembarkation of the boat. First payment is 50% of total price, second bank transfer is to be paid 30 days before check-in. If you want to get the Early Booking discounts, you should book a sailboat before 31.01 each year. Charter operator Albatros Yachting has won the recognition of its charterers.

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