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6 Nodi

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[141] created:07.03.2018 10:58, last updated: 07.03.2018 10:58 by Alnair
Address:Via Giacomo Trevis 44, Italy
GPS:41°27′22.40"N , 12°39′29.51"E


Monoholl sail


The charter company 6 Nodi exists since 2006. You can find them here: Via Giacomo Trevis 44 Rome in Italy. Official name of the firm is 6 Nodi. Their bases are located in Italy : Yacht charter Italy. 6 Nodi rents his sailing boats from the following harbours : Nettuno, Marina di Nettuno, Roma, Porto di Roma. Example boats from their offer : Dufour 450 Grand` Large, Bavaria 46 Cruiser, Bavaria 41 Cruiser , Bavaria 37 Cruiser, Lagoon 410. Check-in is on Saturdays from 17:00. Friday 16:00 is the suggested time for return to the base. It`s obligatory to give back the sailboat until 9:00. Book a sailboat before 31.01 and you will get Early Booking discounts in this firm. Downpayment is 50% of total price, second bank transfer is to be paid 30 days before check-in. For auxiliary equipment you can leave cash or you will be charged by credit card. Deposit is blocked by credit card. Company 6 Nodi is highly rated by its clients.
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