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100 Charter d.o.o., ACI Split

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[190] created:04.04.2018 13:05, last updated: 04.04.2018 13:14 by Site-Admin
Address:Uvala Baluni 8, 21000, Split, Croatia
GPS:43°30′3.92"N , 16°25′48.00"E
Full name:100 Charter d.o.o.
Post:Ilica 1, CROATIA



The company is registered here: Ilica 1 Zagreb in Croatia. They run their business in Croatia. 100 Charter d.o.o. is their formal name. Their sailing boats can be found in following ports : Yacht charter Split, ACI Split. It's advised to be back in the home port on Friday till 16:00. Downpayment is 50% of total price, second bank transfer is to be paid 30 days before embarkation. Charter a yacht before 31.01 and you will get Early Booking discounts in this company. Company 100 Charter d.o.o. has a very good opinions among their customers.

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